Bad carbs - High-glycemic high-carb foods with net carbs from the USDA databases.

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beer, regular  13 g
12 oz bottle

beer, light    5 gr 
12 oz bottle

bagel          51 gr 
100 gr = 1 large

banana       20 gr 
100 gr = 1 small

white bread  48 gr 
100 gr = 4 slices

whole wt brd  39 gr 
100 gr = 3.5 slices

yellow cake with
frosting     59 gr
100 gr = 1 large pc

cola soda  40 gr 
12 oz can

HoneyNut Clusters
cereal         78 gr
100 gr = 1.8 cups

Apple Jacks
cereal          97 gr
100 gr = 3.3 cups

corn            23 gr 
100 gr = 1 large ear

donut, glazed  43 g 
100 gr = 1 large

pizza            33 gr
100 gr = 1 large pc

french fries  37 gr
100 gr = 1 large

chestnuts   48 gr 
100 gr = 0.7 cup

potato, baked  20 g
100 gr = 1/2

raisins       75 gr 
100 gr = 0.7 cup

regular pasta 25 g
100 gr = 0.7 cup

yogurt, fruit  19 gr 
100 gr = 3 oz

rice, white   28 gr 
100 gr = 0.6 cup

 Generally considered   High-Carb or High-Glycemic

apple juice  44 gr 
12 oz can

table sugar  100 gr 
100 gr = 24 tsp

        The food on this page is rated as Net Carb grams per 100 gram serving from the USDA Carb Database      Net carbs are the grams of carbs minus the grams of fiber, since fiber slows digestion of the carbs.  The glycemic rating shows the carb's digestion speed & the subsequent rise in your glucose [blood sugar] level.

Don't eat like this guy - he gained
    25 Pounds in 30 days

Fast Food "Nutrition" info links:  Mc Donald's    Burger King   
 Wendy's   Taco Bell   Subway   Pizza Hut 

link to Super Size Me - a movie about the consequences of eating nothing but Mc Donald's food for 30 days
Morgan Spurlocks's movie about his 30 day ordeal of eating nothing but Mc Donald's food 3 times a day

        "Two foods that contribute most to elevating blood sugar to an excess level are baked potatoes and cold breakfast cereals."  Dr Atkins

        "The same high levels of insulin that cause you to store fat will also block the release of any stored fat for energy. This is why excess insulin makes you fat and keeps you fat"  Barry Sears of the Zone Diet

        "..some complex carbs such as potatoes, rice and carrots usually enter the blood stream as glucose at a faster rate than does table sugar"  Barry Sears of the Zone Diet

        "The excess carbohydrates will be stored as fat, and there is virtually no limit to the amount of fat we can sock away"  Dr. Connelly in Body Rx

        "Eating fructose is like taking a giant fat pill. It sets your body in fat-storage mode and keeps it there"
        "As much as 16 percent of our daily calories come from fructose...the primary sweetener used in processed foods -  aka levulose, fruit sugar, high-fructose corn syrup"  Dr. Connelly in Body Rx

        "Sugar has no nutritional value. Sugar is mtabolic poison."
        "..over one third of [daily] calories comes from nutritionally empty and metabaolically harmful caloric sweeteners."  Dr Atkins

        Teenagers consume 24 to 34 teaspoons of sugar a day  Dr. Connelly in Body Rx

  Maltodextrin sweeteners are 100% more fattening than plain table sugar and blunt growth hormone production.

sports drinks  xx gr
12 oz can









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choc shake  66 gr 
16 oz  fast food

potato, hash 33 g
100 gr = 0.6 cup

pretzel      75 gr 
100 gr

rice cake   77 gr 
100 gr = 11 cakes

potato chip 48 gr 
100 gr

pop corn     62 gr 
100 gr = 12 cups

 If it looks like junk carbs- it probably is.    You must read lables
and know what you are eating, or you will never get in shape.

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